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1) What does "child-centered" approach mean?

A child-centered approach places each child's individual needs, capabilities, and interests at the center of all learning and activities.

2) Are you outside all day in every season?

We sure are...mostly! We do make use of our cozy tent to dry off, warm up, and take breaks in on cold or rainy days. We encourage you to dress/pack clothes for your child for the day's weather. Have a look through our Winter Gallery to see cold days in action!

3) What do I pack for my child?

  •  A full change of clothes + wet bag (a large plastic bag works) - we get messy!

  •  A water bottle (even two on hot days), snacks and a lunch if they are full day. We've noticed children tend to eat more when playing hard in nature, so packing a few extra snacks is a good idea!

  •  Extra gear for colder/rainy days (socks, mittens, hats, rain/snow suits, etc) 

4) What are the ages for each program?

  • Owls (AM Drop Off) Ages 2.5 - 4 years

  • Coyotes (Full Day Drop Off) Ages 4 - 10 years

  • Wolves (Full Day Drop Off) Ages 5+

  • Nature Knowledge (Full Day Drop Off) Ages 5+

  • Family Drop In (AM) No age limits, just require a parent/caregiver to be with the child/children

5) Can my child start mid-season (after season start date)?

Most likely! Send us an email and we will figure out pricing and payment method with you so long as space/staff allows.

Still have a question? Email us at

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