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Miss Becca



  • B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Child and Family Studies

  • Work experience in daycares, camps, an Alzeihmer’s centre, and art programs

  • Studied to become a lower elementary Montessori teacher

  • Taught Elementary and preschool  at a Montessori/Forest school

What led them to forest programming: 

Miss Becca spent a year teaching at a Montessori school. It was at this school that she first discovered the world of Forest Education, saw its impact, and fell in love. Upon moving to Ottawa, she led a small group forest program as well as worked part time at the Wild Child Coffee Project. 


Then, the opportunity arose to help create a Nature Project, and WCNP was born. Miss Becca has loved watching this project continue to grow into the wonderful forest world it is today. She hopes to continue her education in the field of child development and neurodivergence, and is excited to bring this learning into WCNP.

Their areas of interest:

  • Psychological impact of time spent outdoors 

  • Child development and neurodivergence

  • Time with friends and family, hiking/camping, and all things art and creativity

If they were an animal they would be:

A frog or a chimpanzee!

If they were to imagine themselves as a child attending WCNP, they would spend their time in the forest:

Climbing trees, creating art, making forts and imagining a whole other forest world (she often spent many hours in class dreaming about what her own “Bridge to Terabithia” forest experience would be, or watching and studying chimpanzees like Jane Gooddall)

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