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Owl Mornings

Pre-school Mornings

Tuesday and Friday

Age: 2.5 - 4 years

Time: 3 hour mornings  

Our Owl morning program is 3 hours of nature-rooted learning and explorations. 

Together we create a safe and engaging space where children develop a love for nature and the environment. Following the forest and nature school pedagogy, we prioritize child-centered and curiosity-led learning. Children explore at their own pace, supported by a caring and passionate education team. 

We will spend our morning together sharing stories, and discovering the magic that the forest holds. That may look like creating potions and cakes in the mud kitchen, turning over rocks in search of creatures, testing our skills in the trees, or taking a slow approach and observing our surroundings. 


Full Day

Monday & Thursday
Age: 4 - 7years*

Time: 6 hours

 Our Coyote program is a full day opportunity for children to learn and play in nature. At their own pace, children are able to settle into the day in a small group settings.

We work to create a safe, engaging space for children to curate a love and appreciation of nature and the environment, which is modeled following the forest and nature school approach to child-centered and curiosity-led learning. 


 We take each day as it comes and let the children's interests and curiosities lead our day.  Some days have been spent searching for mushrooms, following tracks, building shelters, creating a bake shop, and cheering on a slug race. The possibilities of our day are as endless as each child's curiosity.

Whether your child attends  school, is homeschooled, or will be starting school soon, this program is an ideal way to include a child-centered nature experience into their week.

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Honeybee Homestead
Wild Child Nature Project

Full Day


September 20 - October 25, 2023
Age: 6- 10 years

Time: 9:30 - 3:30


Through the five senses, children (6-10 years old) will have a chance to explore, discover and learn through play on 100 acres of forests, fields and wetlands.

Each participant’s curiosity and interests will lead to our collective gathering of knowledge and how our time is spent together.

Our intention for this fall is to focus on place. To ask questions like:

·      who lives here

·      what do they need to thrive

·      when were they here

·      where are they now

·      why do they have this behaviour

·      how do they thrive.


We will also explore our relationship to place as humans and what it means to have a reciprocal relationship with the places we live, learn and play on.

Whether your child attends school or is homeschooled, it’s a wonderful way to weave in participant-led learning and nature connection into their weekly routine.


For more information and to register please visit Honeybee Homestead at:


Honeybee Homestead

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