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Pre-school Mornings


Tuesday and Thursday

Age: 2.5 - 4 years

Time: 2 hour mornings  


Our Chickadee morning program is 2 hours of  nature-rooted learning and explorations. The majority of our morning will be spent outdoors in all weather. We do have an indoor space to warm up/dry off as needed. Children may attend the program one or two mornings a week for the duration of the sessions.  



The Chickadee program can be a gentle introduction for children who's first experience it is away from their caregivers. It can be an opportunity for children to strengthen their confidence. Children are able to explore at their own pace, and be led by their natural curiosities. They may develop a connection to nature, and their peers, while learning self regulation and resiliency. 


Typical Morning

Our morning starts out with play in the yard while we await the arrival of our friends. We will then head to the forest, to explore and create. We will gather for snack and stories before concluding our morning play.  



Full Day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Age: 4 - 10 years

Time: 6 hours

 Our Coyote program is a full day opportunity for children to learn and play in nature. At their own pace, children are able to settle into the day in a small group settings.

We work to create a safe, engaging space for children to curate a love and appreciation of nature and the environment, which is modeled following the forest and nature school approach to child-centered and curiosity-led learning. 


 We take each day as it comes and let the children's interests and curiosities lead our day.  Some days have been spent searching for mushrooms, following tracks, building shelters, creating a bake shop, and cheering on a slug race. The possibilities of our day are as endless as each child's curiosity.


Whether your child attends  school, is homeschooled, or will be starting school soon, this program is an ideal way to include a child-centered nature experience into their week.





Pre-school Half Days

Age: 3 - 5 years

Time: 3 hour mornings  


Our Hedgehog half day program is 3 hours of  nature-rooted learning and explorations.

It is an extended version of our popular Chickadee morning program. Providing a little extra time to in nature for longer connections, and deeper play. Like all of our programs, the majority of our time will be spent outdoors in all weather. 


The Hedgehog program can be a gentle introduction for children new to the nature school experience, or an opportunity for more time in nature building connections with the land and their peers.  Children are able to explore at their own pace, led by their own natural curiosity. 



Branch Out!

Our Branch Out! programs are unique events that we will host on a short term basis. They may turn into a permanent fixture, or simply an opportunity to connect with our community in different ways.

They will differ from our regular options, while still giving participants an idea of what we do and offer at Wild Child Nature Project. 

Sept - Oct. 2022 - Parent and Child Art drop-in

Nov. - Dec. 2022 - Parent and Child preschool drop in.

May 29, 2023 - Parent and Child Drop-in at our new location on Ramsay Concession 7A. 

Full Week Summer Program

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